Lil Wayne - Rebirth


Σε μερικές μέρες φτάνει στα καταστήματα
το νέο cd του Lil Wayne.
Οι στίχοι και η μου των νέων τραγουδιών είναι φοβεροί
για ένα Rap-Rock τραγούδι
Σίγουρα το νέο cd του θα αρέσει σε όλους τους λάτρεις
της μουσικής αυτής και σίγουρα θα φτάει ψηλά στη λίστα των πωλήσεων.


1. American Star
2. Prom Queen
3. Ground Zero
4. Da Da Da
5. Paradice
6. Get A Life
7. On Fire
8. Drop The World
9. Runnin
10. One Way Trip
11. Knockout
12. The Price Is Wrong

Έαν δε με πιστεύετε ορίστε και μερικά reviews:

This album is brilliant, really didn't think it would be this good but it is there's only 2 or 3 tracks that aren't great the rest are really good but the stand out ones and my favourites by far are:

American Star
Da Da Da
Drop The World Feat. Eminem
Knockout Feat. Nicki Minaj

Lil' Wayne's taken a big risk with this album, but for me it's paid off, it's possibly the best blend of rock rifts with hip-hop since, dare I say RUN-DMC.
Lyrically I see someone described it as genius, it's hardly that but it's decent, you're not going to get Rakim, KRS-One or evn Jay-Z from Weezy (but you shouldn't be expecting to) but it's consistent.
Currently mainstream Rap in the USA is going through a poor period, Lil' Wayne remains one of the few shining lights.


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