Sins Of A Solar Empire - Entrenchment Expansion Update


Το νέο update του Sin Of Solar Empire είναι στην αγορά. Το νέο update λύνει μερικά bugs και ενώ η έκδοση ανεβαίνει από το 1.5 στο 1.9.

Αναλυτικά το νέο update:

Gameplay / Balance:
All Factions -
  • Beam weapon damage is no longer over-applied in cases when the damage duration is equal to or greater than the update period of the damage system. (aka - fix for the Illuminator mystery damage bug)
  • Fixed AI not autocasting ultimates.
  • Fixed where the AI wouldn't start building anything until awhile after the game started.
  • Improved the AI's building in general.
  • Fixed bug where AI would incorrectly send an incomplete attack force.
  • Improved the AI's ship building selections.
  • Reduced the AI's building of siege frigates.
  • *Entrenchment Only* Improved the AI's building of minelayers.
  • Arcova scout frigate DPS reduced by 15%.
  • Sova's Rapid Manufacturing ship and structure build rate bonus reduced from 300% to 250%.
  • Embargo can no longer cause a player to lose less money if their planet being affected by Embargo has negative income.
  • Fixed bad triangle on TEC Kol Battleship mesh.
Advent -
  • Seeker Vessel DPS reduced by 20%.
  • Improved autocast condition for Antimatter Rechargers.
  • Fixed Illuminator damage bug (see above).
Vasari -
  • Jikara Navigator DPS reduced by 15%.
  • Ravastra Skirmisher DPS increased from 10.5 to 12.
Skirantra Carrier's Scramble Bomber ability revised -
  • Now spawns 1/2/3 squads per use instead of just one.
  • Antimatter cost changed from 50/40/30 to 50/50/50.
  • Cooldown changed from 40/30/20 to 35/35/35.
  • Fixed Phase Gates from not always behaving correctly.
  • Fixed Siege Turrets sometimes not firing at the planet.
  • *Entrenchment Only* Phasic Trap level 2 properly fixed.
  • *Entrenchment Only* Improved auto-cast condition for Nano Weapon Jammer.
  • *Entrenchment Only* Fixed erroneous effect for Jam Weapons.
  • *Entrenchment Only* Vasari mines reference their proper explosion effects.

Graphics and Effects:
  • Fixed disappearing particle effects / particle effects not appearing at all.
  • Infinite lifetime particle effects now die off if you aren't looking at them and resurrect when you are.
  • Lots of finite time effects have had their lifetimes decreased to something reasonable.
  • All travel particle effects are now infinite as intended.
  • All muzzle and hit effects are now finite and have reasonable lifetimes as intended.
  • Various particle effects that were incorrectly infinite are now finite and vice versa.
  • Deleted some obsolete particle effects.
  • Fixed bad triangle on TEC Kol Battleship mesh.
  • Fixed bad phase cannon shell textures.
  • Fixed flickering phase cannon shell.
  • Fixed erroneous effect for Jam Weapons.
  • *Entrenchment Only* Vasari mines reference their proper explosion effects.

  • Additional reference sanity checking for abilities and buffs to make it easier to debug new abilities at run-time. Abilities and buffs used by entities will output an error message if they specify a non-existant buff for creation.
  • Increased maximum number of meshes allowed (400->800).
  • Increased maximum number of textures allowed (1000->2000).
  • Warning - Just because the engine can now reference 800 meshes and 2000 textures doesn't mean there is more memory available. The overall limit is still 2 GB of RAM. Use at your own risk.
  • ConvertData is now statically linked to its dll's so there is no more conflict or erroneous conversions on some machines.


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